DATE: †††††† ††††††††† January 3, 2001


LOCATION: †††† 222 Meyers Road

Escondido, CA



Eric Lendvai - President

Art Bergquist - Vice President

Barbara Peisch - Treasurer

Nick Nikula - Secretary

Thad V'Soske-Member At Large

Dan Covill-Member At Large


Nick Nikula took minutes of Meeting.


The Board of Directors Meeting was called to order at 9:27 PM.


Our guest speaker for February 2001 will be Nick Nikula. The subject will be how to use Remote Automation Server running in asynchronous mode.


Our guest speaker for March 2001 will be Barbara Peisch. The subject will be discussing some of the basics of using views.


Our guest speaker for April 2001 will be Dan Covill. The subject will be an audit trail using XML.


Our guest speaker for May 2001 will be Art Bergquist. The subject will be Office Automation using VFP.


Art will send a Thank You letter to Altium thanking them for hosting the user group for a short period of time.


Nick Nikula is preparing a survey asking if the members think they would like to have pizza and drinks (non alcoholic) at our future meetings.


The board voted unanimously to conduct the board meetings immediately after our user group meeting at the same location. See location address above.





Board members held a discussion in regards to moving to a new bank that will charge us less of a service charge. Also, Barbara Peisch had informed us that the IRS did not complete the necessary paperwork for non-profit organization tax filing status and that Barbara will take the necessary steps to complete that paperwork. Also, the cost and perhaps a fine will be covered from the userís group account.


FINANCIAL STATUS: As of end of January 2001 is $38.98 (old bank)

†††† As of end of January 2001 is $1,250. 00 (new bank Capital Bank).


Meeting adjourned at 10:15 PM






Art Bergquist

Larry Buss

Jeff Clark

Dan Covill

Tim Daly

Jeff Hamill

Eric Lendvai

Nick Nikula

Joe Overland

Barbara Peisch

Stephen Settimi

Wesley Sherman

Thad VíSoske

Ilmar Waldner


Note: There were late arrivals that failed to sign in or mark the list.


The User Group meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM


Announcements were made regarding future keynote speakers, and other subjects.


Job announcements were discussed. They will be posted on our Web Site.


Had a Q&A session.


At 7:30 PM took 10-minute break.


Eric Lendvai gave a talk on How to Debug ASP in VFP.


Meeting adjourned at 9:04 PM


We had an informal meeting at Chile's.