The FoxPro Developers Network of San Diego
is a non-profit corporation started by a group of FoxPro developers interested in sharing ideas and promoting the use of FoxPro. Our members come from all over San Diego and Southern Orange County. We have a fairly even mix of independent developers and company employees on our membership list. For membership information, contact Eric Lendvai at
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Visual FoxPro: Microsoft's Hidden Gem
Visual FoxPro, from Microsoft, is rarely given the recognition it deserves. There is wide speculation as to the reason for this, but one thing is clear, those who take the time to investigate VFP's capabilities are suitably impressed. VFP has a native database engine that is one of the fastest you'll find anywhere. At the same time, it can talk to SQL backends like SQL Server and Oracle. VFP is versatile enough to be used for any or all tiers in an n-tiered system. On top of that, it is a true object-oriented language with a rich set of visual development tools that make short work of building complex applications. Many developers find they can develop the same applications in VFP as they can in Visual Basic or C++, but in a fraction of the time, and with much less coding.
Eric Lendvai, President
Art Bergquist, Vice President

FoxPro Developers Network San Diego Meeting Open to Southern California

The Southern California Visual FoxPro community is now invited to the FoxPro Developers Network San Diego meetings. Individuals that reside outside of San Diego County are welcome to participate in the San Diego meetings. The LAFOX board has accepted the extended invitation. The collaboration of the two groups will provide the VFP developer community in Southern California regular meetings and help preserve the two organizationsí membership. Further announcements about the two organizations will be posted on respective Websites.